Annie Ploughman Psychology


What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Many people seek therapy when they realise their most valiant efforts to change habitual, unhelpful behaviours are unsuccessful. You might have noticed that you often behave in ways that seem self-defeating. 

Psychodynamic therapy facilitates a process of reflection upon past experiences, especially childhood experiences. This process will facilitate insight and understanding into unresolved issues from the past. It then becomes possible to investigate what is blocking you from more helpful behaviours and decision making in the present. As you come to understand yourself better, and develop a greater contextual understanding of your history, self-compassion develops and assists in the healing process.

Through the respectful and trusting relationship with the therapist, you will be able to explore and express your thoughts, feelings, fears and fantasies in ways that will help you understand yourself and how you relate to others. Furthermore, the safe therapeutic relationship is the ideal context in which to examine problems around trust, intimacy and dependence.